New Cage Kits For Sale

Sterilite BinI have been working on some new cage kits for quite some time and after a testing period they are finally being offered to my hedgehog buyers. Yay! I’m so excited!! I am very happy with these bins, because they are a nice size for the hedgehogs and they are very easy to keep clean. My favorite advantage of using the bins is that there is virtually no possibility of escape! Young hedgehogs seem to be the worst escape artists. You also don’t need to worry about little hedgehog feet getting caught in wire.


I am offering these kits for sale with wood shavings or velcro fleece liners. When I bought my first hedgehogs, I decided to try out some fleece liners, but it wasn’t long before I realized how messy they can become and how quickly the hedgehogs start hiding underneath the liners. These tubs are very simple to keep clean. Everything comes out easily and can be sprayed down with a vinegar/water mixture. The liners are machine washable and should be spot cleaned daily. I recommend hand washing or machine washing the liners at least once per week with a gentle detergent. Continue using the same detergent, so the hedgehogs get accustomed to the scent.

Silent Spinner

I have found this wheel to be a combination of the most sturdy and easiest to clean. If you spray a bit of cooking spray on the wheel, clean up is a breeze.

Top-Fill Water Bottle

This is a very sturdy water bottle and is easily filled by lifting the flap and adding water. I love the size and style for hedgehogs and it seems to drip less than the regular water bottles. I have been very happy with these bottles.


I am now using these Lixit Guinea Pig Igloos for all of my hedgehogs. It provides a dark hiding spot with plenty of space to relax and stretch out. You can actually turn them into 2 hiding spots when you are using wood shavings just by unlocking them and turning the bottom upside-down. The fleece liners make them extra cozy and warm.

For more information on these cage kits click here.

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