There are many types of bedding that you can use for your hedgehog. I recommend kiln dried pine or aspen shavings. I use kiln dried pine shavings from the Tractor Supply Company.

Do not use cedar, because of the respiratory illnesses associated with it. You can also try other small animal bedding, but I have not heard much positive about any other bedding materials. I would avoid corn cob bedding or walnut bedding. Sometimes I use fleece liners*. The fleece is easy to clean and you can have pretty patterns. It can also be great for allergy sufferers. It is best to start a new baby with the wood flake type bedding and then switch over to new bedding after the first month as it aids with transitioning.

*Be cautious with any materials you place in the hedgehog’s cage, since their feet can get caught on threads and potentially have circulation cut off which might result in the amputation of a leg.