If you are interested in purchasing a hedgehog, please fill out this questionnaire to begin the process.

Please note: Hedgehogs are illegal to own in California, Georgia, Hawaii, New York City, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. If you are from these areas, I unfortunately cannot sell to you. Thank you!

Choosing Your Hedgehog

Both males and females make equally great pets. There is no noticeable difference in temperament between male and females. Males do not produce any extra odors and females do not have a heat cycle. You should choose a pet based on individual temperaments rather than gender.

You should be prepared to house your hedgehog in his/her own cage. Hedgehogs are solitary and territorial and usually require a cage of their own.

When babies are four weeks old, I will post photos to this page and contact my paid waiting list. Babies can leave here at seven weeks of age.

50% of ALL profits are donated to Piggins and Banks Pig & Animal Sanctuary.

Current Breedings

The hedgehogs below have been bred or a breeding has been planned. This does not guarantee that a litter will be born.  Winter breedings are much less predictable. I will post photos of the babies to this page once the babies are 4 weeks old. :) 

Dam Sire Born Date Litter Size Estimated Ready Date
Kyla Bay 1/13/2022 3 3/3/2022
Vinca Fezzik 1/19/2022 NBY 3/9/2022
Zadie Bay 1/19/2022 NBY 3/9/2022
ZuZu Norman 1/19/2022 NBY 3/9/2022
Daphne Stowe 1/19/2022 6 3/9/2022
Tahopenew Norman 2/7/2022 NBY 3/28/2022
Gilda Kirk 2/7/2022 NBY 3/28/2022
Celeste* Kelvin 2/7/2022 NBY 3/28/2022
Ramona Stowe 2/7/2022 NBY 3/28/2022
Opal Bay 2/7/2022 NBY 3/28/2022
Lilac Gaston 2/7/2022 NBY 3/28/2022

*These are first time/unproven breeders.
NBY=Not Born Yet

Paid Waiting List

The waiting list is first come/first serve. People on the list are contacted in the order the deposit is received to select from available hoglets. We are now accepting deposit for hoglets ready to leave in March/April 2022.

  1. Ariana C – Deposit Paid on 8/8/21
  2. Reginald H – Deposit Paid on 11/28/21
  3. Jillian – Deposit Paid on 1/1
  4. Jacob P – Deposit Paid on 1/2
  5. Vicki S – Deposit Paid on 1/2
  6. Glenda H – Deposit Paid on 1/13
  7. Nicholas J – Deposit Paid on 1/16
  8. Lauren – Deposit Paid on 1/19
  9. Nicole C – Deposit Paid on 1/21
  10. Makayla F – Deposit Paid on 1/22