RHS Mimi

  • Color: Algerian Grey 
  • Sex: Female
  • Dam: RHS Zilla
  • Sire: MMF Bay RHS
  • Born: 11/12/22
  • Temperament: ★★★★★ Extremely Friendly
  • Note: New photo coming soon.

I’m excited to be meeting with new hedgehog owners soon.

Before coming to pick up your pet hedgehog, please take some time to watch my care video: http://riddleshedgehogs.com/an-introduction-to-hedgehogs-hedgehog-basics-video

I have an online scheduler to help make things run more smoothly at pick up time. All of my available times are listed here: http://riddleshedgehogs.com/for-sale/book-your-appointment Please Note: Due to Covid-19, I am not holding hedgehog information sessions. These longer visits do not allow for social distancing.

I will be providing a travel carrier for the hedgehog’s ride home. I also provide 2+weeks of food.

Final hedgehog payments can be made at the time of pick up by cash or credit card. If you prefer to prepay, you can do that through the web site: https://squareup.com/store/riddles-hedgehogs You are also welcome to purchase a cage and other accessories for your hedgehog from that link. Cages must be pre-purchased through my web site in order to guarantee a cage will be ready for you at pick up.


Hedgehog pick ups will be handled in one of two ways, as determined by the buyer. If a buyer is sick, pick ups will still be permitted, but will be completely contactless.

#1 Indoor
I have had both of my Covid-19 vaccines+booster. I am keeping my office clean and it has an exterior entryway. Pick ups will be held in my office. Restroom is available.

#2 Outdoor
Outside of my office is an outdoor sitting area. If you prefer, please let me know when you arrive and we will remain outdoors during your hedgehog pick up. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Choosing Your Hedgehog

Both males and females make equally great pets. There is no noticeable difference in temperament between male and females. Males do not produce any extra odors and females do not have a heat cycle. You should choose a pet based on individual temperaments rather than gender.

You should be prepared to house your hedgehog in his/her own cage. Hedgehogs are solitary and territorial and usually require a cage of their own.

When babies are four weeks old, I will post photos to this page and contact my paid waiting list. Babies can leave here at seven weeks of age.

50% of ALL profits are donated to Piggins and Banks Pig & Animal Sanctuary.


  • Color: Algerian Dark Grey 
  • Sex: Female
  • Dam: RHS Sakari
  • Sire: MMF Stowe RHS
  • Born: 12/9/22
  • Ready Date: 1/27/23
  • Temperament: ★★★★★ Extremely Friendly
  • Price: $275.00
  • Status: Holding for Lindsay – Deposit Paid
  • Note: Yellow nail polish is applied to a few quills for easy ID.

RHS Catori

RHS Aiyana

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RHS Tansy

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RHS Delilah

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Interested in adopting an older hedgehog?

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Riddle’s Hedgehogs regularly adopts out rescues. Adoption fees are based on the age of the hedgehog and all hedgehogs are adopted out with a complete cage set up. Adoption fees range between $90-$150. If you are interested, please submit a questionnaire


RHS Wally

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