Here are a few testimonials from happy hedgie owners who have purchased their hedgehogs from me:

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Hi Christie!

Just a quick hello with a couple of pictures of the cutest, sweetest little hedgie ever. I may be a little partial though…

Lilo has learned to sit, fetch, and jump through mini hoops… just kidding. Her favorite toy is of course the high tech toilet paper tube. She will even scoop up her ping-pong ball with it. I built a PVC tunnel to connect a second container, so she now has a two room suite. Food and bed in one, exercise wheel and toys in the other.

Like any typical child, I do have to remind her to put her toys away, but she never listens. She seems to spend her nights playing with all of them and seeing how many she can take from one room to the other. Sometimes, she likes to leave them in the tunnel.

Currently, she has temporary ‘upstairs’ neighbors, 10 little girls (chickens) who love to watch Lilo come out to play. Not sure Lilo has figured out what the peeping and scuffling is from above, but she seems to like the company. I enclosed a picture of the habitats that I took on Saturday and one with Lilo on my keyboard. She has grown a lot, loves to have her belly rubbed, and for some unfathomable reason, loves to hear me sing to her.

If I sing her favorites: “Lilo, Lilo, where’s my Lilo?” or “Lilo, Lilo, you’re a little Lilo”… and such nonsense, she comes out of her little sleepsack, I pick her up, and she settles at my neck, where she lays contentedly while I sing. Obviously, the creature is tone deaf, because the truth is, I can’t sing. But she likes it none the less and will stay there happily. If I stop singing, she then starts to walk around and I help her down to where she can explore my desktop.

Oh, by the way, stinkbugs, are the best treat ever… nyom, nyom, nyom. Yeah, well I only limit her to one or two in my presence, but I have no doubt she has caught the occasional visitor on her nighttime excursions.

Alright, I’ve bored you enough. Just wanted to send you this update. Thank you again for making this possible.

Have a great summer!

Denise K. and Lilo

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Hey there, sorry its been a while…I know I promised to send pictures, but I got side tracked lol. Any how, we are doing great and I’ve included some pics from when we first got home!


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We are in LOVE with Sir Kirby!!!! My kids have all enjoyed cuddling with him! He is very sweet….hasn’t minded us handling him at all. He has eaten and played on his wheel too!! Thanks again!!!! My kids are just glowing!!


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Just a cute picture of little Myra I wanted to share.


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Hey Christie-

I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great! She was eating and drinking pretty much immediately and today she enjoyed two mealworms. She’s already doing really well with letting me hold her and just seems to have the cutest little personality! She’s going to be a good fit :)

Thanks so much!


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He’s doing GREAT and adjusting well….thank you!!!