My cage kits can now be purchased online! I do offer shipping within the US and discounted pricing for hedgehog buyers picking up at my home. For those picking up the cage kit here, I will also provide 18 oz of Purina One Tender Selects with Real Chicken cat food with this kit.

Click here to place an order for a cage kit through our online store.

What is included in the Cage Kit:

105 Quart Modified Sterilite Plastic Tub
32.13″ L x 19.13″ W x 13.75″ H

16 Oz Lixit Water Bottle or 10.5 Oz Marchioro Food Dish

3″ Ceramic Food Dish

Large Flying Saucer Wheel or Giant Comfort Wheel*

Starter Bedding (Kiln-dried Pine Shavings)

Optional Add-On: K & H Small Animal Heated Pad

*Please note: The Giant Comfort Wheel only works with the lid off. If you need to keep the lid closed, the Flying Saucer Wheel will be a better option.


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