9 Hoglets in the Nests!

Kita has 5 little ones and Veda has 4. I was finally able to move the moms from their cages and hold the babies for a short while. I spent a little more time with Kita’s litter since they are older and I know that Kita doesn’t mind as much. Kita has 2 boys and 3 girls. The boys are both algerian grey or dark grey pintos and the girls are algerian cinnamon or cinnicots. I have already decided to keep 2 of the girls. I named them Valentine and Honey since they were born on Feb 14th.  :) I will have the other 3 up for sale to my waiting list. Their eyes are not open yet, so I’m waiting to post pictures until they are around 3 weeks old. Veda’s litter was a surprise. I think 3 of them are albino. I can’t be 100% sure until their eyes open, but that is what they look like. The other looks like an algerian grey. I haven’t sexed them yet, but I think I’ll keep the grey one for my breeding program. I might change my mind once they are sexed.

I am very excited that there were no losses with these litters. Veda and Kita are both wonderful moms.

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