11 New Hoglets in the Nests

Uria and Tiggy both had litters of four born on 3/11/2010. I haven’t looked at them very closely yet. They all look to be darker colors. I’m probably going to keep one from each litter. I am looking forward to taking them out individually to look at them within the next few days. Uria is a wonderful mom, so I’m happy about that. When I was in checking on the new litters yesterday I heard some squeaking and picked up Calla’s hideout to find 3 newly born hoglets. I was so sure that Calla didn’t take and I had pretty much given up any hope of a litter from her. I hope she takes care of them, but I’ve been extra lucky with all of my litters over the winter. I have to give her some space and not disturb her again, although I’m very curious. I didn’t get enough of a glance to guess colors unfortunately.

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