Keeping Hedgie Warm in a Power Outage

hand_warmer.76125344I thought I should do a post about power outages, since we have 32.5 inches of snow on the ground here and many are without power. Luckily, our power has stayed on and my hedgehog room has remained a steady 78-80 degrees. We have a generator, so I do not get as nervous as I did years ago when our power would go out, but I do keep a supply of hand warmers in case of an emergency. The hand warmers can keep your hedgehog warm for many hours or even days if necessary. I activate the warmer and slip it into a sock and tie the end. The warmer is placed in the hedgehog’s hideout and it keeps the area warm for 7+ hours depending on the type of warmer. Having some of these warmers on hand could possibly be a life saver. :)

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