Choosing Your Hedgehog

Both males and females make equally great pets. There is no noticeable difference in temperament between male and females. Males do not produce any extra odors and females do not have a heat cycle. You should choose a pet based on individual temperaments rather than gender.

You should be prepared to house your hedgehog in his/her own cage. Hedgehogs are solitary and territorial and usually require a cage of their own.

When babies are four weeks old, I will post photos to this page and contact my paid waiting list. Babies can leave here at seven weeks of age.


Hedgehog pick ups will be handled in one of three ways, as determined by the buyer. If a buyer is sick, option #1 does not apply. Porch Pick Up is recommended for those who are sick or immunocompromised.

#1 Inside
Buyer will enter a designated meeting room with an outside entrance. The room is being disinfected after every use. Buyer will have time to handle the hedgehog here. Hand sanitizer is provided in the room as well. 

#2 Outside
Buyer will park in front of our residence. This will still allow time for questions and answers the same as meeting indoors. However, payment will be required through our online payment system prior to pick up. A USDA form will also be emailed to be printed, signed and returned at pick up. 

#3 Porch Pick Up
Buyer texts or calls when they are 5 minutes away (There are mail boxes at the end of our road which is a great pull off spot). A care bag, hedgehog in carrier, and any purchased items will be placed in a bin on our front porch for easy pick up. All questions and answers will be done via email, text, phone. Payment must be made prior to pick up through our online payment system and a USDA form will be emailed to be printed, signed and returned. 


  • Color: Algerian Grey Reverse Pinto
  • Sex: Male
  • Dam: RHS Maple
  • Sire: BBH Kelvin RHS
  • Born: 2/18/20
  • Ready Date: 4/6/20
  • Temperament: ★★★★★ Extremely Friendly
  • Price: $240.00
  • Status: Contacting Paid Waiting List

Current Breedings

The hedgehogs below have been bred or a breeding has been planned. This does not guarantee that a litter will be born.  Winter breedings are much less predictable. I will post photos of the babies to this page once the babies are 4 weeks old. :) 


Dam Sire Due/Born Litter Size Estimated Ready Date
Yochi* Ronnie 3/15/20 NBY 5/3/20
Adara* Kether 3/15/20 NBY 5/3/20
Keiko* Donnie 3/15/20 6 5/3/20
Naiya* Kether 4/6/20 NBY 5/25/20
Mika* Zigs* 4/6/20 NBY 5/25/20

*These are first time/unproven breeders.
NBY=Not Born Yet

Paid Waiting List

We are not accepting any more deposits at this time. Please check back later in the Summer. 

#1 Brian D – $50.00 Deposit Paid (Info Session)

#2 Logan B  – $50.00 Deposit Paid (Info Session)

#3 Judith J – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/3 via Square

#4 Christopher F – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/4 via Square

#5 Mark S – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/6 via Square

#6 Svetlana – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/8 via Square

#7 Chelsea B – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/15 via Square

#8 Emily C – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/16 via Square

#9 Ashley P – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/20 via Square

#10 Christine B – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/21 via Square

#11 Anna H – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/21 via Square

#12 Mia S – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/22 via Square

#13 Amy C – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 2/28 via Square

#14 Brad P – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 3/1 via Square

#15 Basma H – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 3/2 via Square

#16 Jessica L – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 3/3 via Square

#17 Lyndsay – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 3/7 via Square

#18 Emma S – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 3/11 via Square

#19 Adam E – $50.00 Deposit Paid on 3/12 via Square

#20 Robin- $50.00 Deposit Paid on 3/16 via Square

#21 Kim B- $50.00 Deposit Paid on 3/21 via Square

Online Store

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