Iggy the HedgehogI’m sure you have decided that they are just absolutely adorable, but what kind of pets do they make? Hedgehogs are not a perfect pet for just anyone. But, they are a wonderfully unique choice.

Hedgehogs are mostly nocturnal, which means they sleep much of the day and are most active in the evening through morning. If you are planning to provide your hedgehog with a wheel and keep him in your bedroom, you might not get much sleep!

Can I pet my hedgehog like a dog or cat? Well, obviously no, but they do enjoy a little petting on their soft underbelly. Baby hedgehog quills are very pointy and can break the skin. I actually get a tiny allergic reaction to the baby hedgehog quills, but nothing that bothers me. It just gets a little bit red and itchy. Once the duller adult quills come in, you shouldn’t have those troubles. Young children may have trouble trying to hold hedgehogs due to their quills. For this and many other reason, hedgehogs are best in a home without young children.