My Bunny Medicine Chest

Cotton Balls Alcohol Wipes Small Pet Bottle Neosporin
Q-Tips Droppers Nail Trimmer Preparation H
Styptic Powder Petromalt -
hairball prevention
Pedialyte Probiotics
Rubbing Alcohol Syringes Tattoo Equipment Hydrogen Peroxide
Piperazine 17 - for de-worming my rabbits four times per year. (2 T/gal of water). They drink it 5 days in a row.
Ivermectin - given orally (0.1 ml/lb) for mites, wry neck, internal parasite... etc. dose is repeated 2 weeks later.
Pen G - liquid Penicillin antibiotic for infections.
Terramycin Ointment - for eye infections.
Simethicone Drops - anti-gas treatment. One dropper full 2 or 3 times a day.
Oatmeal - good for diarrhea caused by stress.
Blackberry leaves and mint- for diarrhea or intestinal problems.
Mineral Oil - sprayed in the ear twice a day for 3 days for ear mites or used orally for GI stasis.
Calf Manna - given to nursing does and kits in small amounts.
Vanodine - great disinfectant and useful for treatment of fungal diseases. Many uses!

*Please Note*
I am not a veterinarian. Please consult your veterinarian before using some of these treatments.
This is only what I have used myself and have had favorable results.
I do not guarantee that these treatments will work for you, but they have been helpful for me.

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