I am a freelance artist and private art instructor living in Seattle, WA.  I grew up at Camp Mantowagan near Saxton, Pennsylvania and graduated from Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana in 2002 with a B.S. in Painting and Drawing. 

My work has been exhibited in various galleries and exhibits including:

Mount Memorial Art Gallery (Winona Lake, IN) Huntingdon County Arts Festival (Huntingdon, PA) Warsaw Community Public Library (Warsaw, IN)
The S. Gerald Weaver Gallery (Martinsburg, PA)
Tea Merchant (Hollidaysburg, PA)
Q Cafe (Seattle, WA)
Mosaic Coffeehouse (Seattle, WA)
Forza (Seattle, WA)
Macrina Bakery & Cafe (Seattle, WA)

I seek to capture with my artwork glimpses of the fascinating cultures and diverse landscapes that I have encountered in many areas of the world.  The beauty of nature, whether far away or close at home, beckons us to stop, reflect and become more aware.  Whether it's the luminosity and serenity of a sunset, the light breaking in through the trees on a mountain, or the expression of a poor Guatemalan lady, I paint to evoke a desire to live fully in the present, making time for contemplation, understanding, and conversation.  My hope is that viewers of my art will be transported and begin to see the world with a greater appreciation and respect.  In expanding their worldview, perhaps they will notice the global extent of hurting people and ecosystems and then begin to invest in more than themselves. 

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