Breeding rabbits has been a long journey filled with lots of fun times and many new friendships. Riddle's Bunny Barn began in 2005 with a few Netherland Dwarf rabbits and grew into 40+ rabbits of different breeds. I was able to breed most of the varieties of Netherland Dwarf and attended many shows to help me breed to the standard of perfection. I began breeding Lionheads in 2006 and focused on producing the first blue-eyed white lionheads in the area. I then branched out into Holland Lops, Jersey Woolies and Thriantas. It has been so much fun and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I learned so much along the way and I'm happy to share that knowledge with others. I am no longer breeding rabbits due to my daughter's allergies. The last litter of bunnies born here was on 8/12/09. We still have 2 pets that we could never give up (Cosmo & Skittles). Skittles started it all. He was a pet that I purchased in Myrtle Beach on our first anniversary trip. I just fell in love with him. Cosmo is an adorable grey Flemish Giant that I gave to my husband for Christmas in 2005. He fathered a few litters here. A big thank you to everyone who has contacted me, purchased a bunny from me, or sold one to me. It has been fun. If you need bunny advice or help, please contact me and I'll be happy to help you out. ~Christie

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