Current Breedings

The hedgehogs below have been bred or a breeding has been planned. This does not guarantee that a litter will be born.  Winter breedings are much less predictable. I will post photos of the babies to this page once the babies are 4 weeks old. :) 

Note: Even though many hedgehogs have been bred, that does not guarantee a pregnancy. This is a list of ALL of the planned breeding for this year.

Photos of the next litters will be posted to this page around August 8th, 2021.

Dam Sire Born Date Litter Size Estimated Ready Date
Kiyoko Norman 7/6/2021 5 8/24/2021
Effie Stowe 7/6/2021 2 8/24/2021
Dove* Fezzik 8/6/2021 NBY 9/24/2021
Fleur Kelvin 8/6/2021 NBY 9/24/2021
Yachi* Norman 8/6/2021 NBY 9/24/2021
Zadie* Bay 8/6/2021 NBY 9/24/2021
Daphne* Stowe 9/6/2021 NBY 10/25/2021
Phoebe* Bay* 9/6/2021 NBY 10/25/2021
Celeste* Gaston 9/6/2021 NBY 10/25/2021
Opal* Norman 9/6/2021 NBY 10/25/2021
Vinca* Fezzik 9/6/2021 NBY 10/25/2021
Tahopenew* Kirk 9/6/2021 NBY 10/25/2021

*These are first time/unproven breeders.
NBY=Not Born Yet

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