Current Breedings

The hedgehogs below have been bred or a breeding has been planned. This does not guarantee that a litter will be born.  Winter breedings are much less predictable. I will post photos of the babies to this page once the babies are 4 weeks old. :) 


Dam Sire Due/Born Litter Size Estimated Ready Date
Atlas Kether 6/23/20 3 8/11/20
Zoey Donnie 7/16/20 NBY 9/3/20
Winter Kelvin 7/16/20 NBY 9/3/20
Adara Kether 7/31/20 NBY 9/18/20
Maple Kelvin 8/3/20 NBY 9/21/20
Naiya Crowley 8/6/20 NBY 9/24/20

*These are first time/unproven breeders.
NBY=Not Born Yet

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